Meet the Visionary


Chad Williams is the personal trainer turned designer and apparel owner who is passionate about fitness and targeting the body image while creating life-changing apparel. As the owner, he provides designs for physical competence that helps his customers improve health, finesse their physique, and enhance mental conditioning. 

The name “Thirst Trap Clothing” came from a joke about Chad’s physical appearance by an admirer. Not completely understanding the term “thirst trap”, Chad researched the phrase and found his niche which is to offer apparel that not only provides self-assurance, but also compliments the desirable body. “Come trap with me” became his motto to influence others to join him in the gym and to look good while creating a better self. 

When he is not in the gym, he enjoys reading and motivating others to be their best selves.

About the Brand

Thirst Trap Fitness Apparel is an premium workout brand.  Spearheaded by Chad Williams and supported by thousands,  we are both humbled by and grateful for the amount of overwhelming enthusiasm and support we have received.

This brand was built on lots of sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears. With little money, big dreams, and a lot of drive and ambition, we have gotten to this point. Thirst Trap Fitness is bigger than a brand - it’s a way of life. Confidence, self-discipline, ambition, and drive are principles that we uphold. The ultimate fitness goal is to look good naked.

#ComeTrapWithMe #ThirstTrapFitness 

What are you thirsty for?


Our Mission, Purpose, & Beliefs


We aim to provide self confidence, assurance, and assertiveness through fitness apparel and accessories.

We believe that confidence is the seed that fuels self worth.  When you look good, you feel good.  Thirst Trap's mission is to provide self-confidence that assures an assertiveness to strive to excellence in every aspect of life. Our clothing was designed with transformation in mind for every body type.  Let fitness be your drive for an attainable thirst-worthy body and become your own thirst trap.